Frisky's short, sad, tale

On Friday, October 6, at 12 weeks of age, I let Frisky out to "play" for the weekend, and longer if all went well. He was around whenever I was out, on both Friday and Saturday. He seemed to be enjoying his freedom while still wanting to be around me when I was there. There were no confrontations seen between him and other squirrels, although there was also no interaction observed.

At dusk on Saturday, I sat out and called to him for a long time and he finally came down, nibbled on a walnut, then climbed into hist nest-box and went to sleep.

On Sunday morning I came over to feed him a little after dawn, and he had already left his nest. I called but got no immediate response, which is not unusual. I left some fresh food out and throughout the day kept checking and calling to him. Did not see him at all, Sunday or any time since then.

Considering how he had always stayed close to the big oak tree, and had usually come around when I called, I fear the worst.