Amul-Hits of 1982-83


  • Page 1: Head-boy of Eatin, Rass the butter please, The take-care cabinet

  • Page 2: For Butter or for worse, RozAmul Kholna, Reigning Butter

  • Page 3: Police sir, may I have some more..., HISTORYC CHOICE, Ho khaiye paav Amulwala

  • Page 4: Indian virgin needs no urgin'!, A pat for Alexei, Urgin our Virgin - accept our peace offerin

  • Page 5: My dearest allowance!, The Great Bank Hold-up!, This high-rise is in good taste.

  • Page 6: The Godmother makes an offer you cannot refuse, Sunil's taste runs in doubles, HOLIDAY ON SLICE

  • Page 7: "Indian Airlines regrets the cancellation of its namaste.", `Khao many', utter-r-r-ly butter-r-r-ly delicious

  • Page 8: The International Cheer of the Child, This cut is good for industry, Sales Stacks

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