Amul-Hits of 1983-84


  • Page 1: Let Confused International Authors eat their words., Maakhan roz khana, Does Commissioner Ribeiro encourage Maskadens?

  • Page 2: Here's how rain is stopped., Use maska for successful Thursday dinners., "Mangal `Amul' ti Molya."

  • Page 3: The face that lunched a thousand ships., These flaps open easily., Bengali Topical

  • Page 4: It's trial is safe even in Bombay courts., Crown `Chew'ells found., A yen for this velly safe pay-off implicated.

  • Page 5: Don't of a Sunny era., `Don' of a Sunny era. Easy, Sunil, we can't change designs so fast., The centre of a festiv`eat'y.

  • Page 6: `Haynes' forth handle only this., Uncommon wealth., No change from the BEST.

  • Page 7: I'm dreaming of a bite Christmas!, Sunil's world record! He's been featured with me 5 times., Amultosav 84.

  • Page 8: People's choice for the mid `tum' poll., ANMUL MAGNETISM., The bread winner.

  • Page 9: Like the Union Budget it pleases everyone., Toothsome., It continues it's Rajya in every Sabha.

  • Page 10: En a dual way it's supreme in every assemply., `Salyut'ing the aste that's out of this world., (I)-catching advertising.

  • Page 11: Topping performance., How to pull out and still get the gold., The only bright spot every morning.

  • Page 12: Open your mouth for this four letter word., Different Strokes., It keeps resident doctors at their residence.

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