Amul-Hits of 1986-87


  • Page 1: Utterly new pack., Even for senior officials this service is permanent., The real reason for staying home.

  • Page 2: Pyaar se Zia bhar aye., Make breakfast a better meal than dinner., A toast to the `little' master.

  • Page 3: Common choice for all assemblies., These Fairpacks are worth investing., Out of commission?

  • Page 4: Take this cut for power., Some things can still be enjoyed on Tuesdays and Saturdays., Devi ke Bhajan ki Bansi baje.

  • Page 5: Hard cash's better than Czech., Divided we fall., Vishwa's most Anand comes from making the right move.

  • Page 6: Life begins at 40, and turns golden thereafter., India's favourite vanishing trick., What's in a NAM?

  • Page 7: Dissidunce is not knowing which side the bread's buttered., Everyone wins with Amul., Guard well this very important platter.

  • Page 8: Makhan Chor., Amul's (s) a `Pawar'ful bond., In all Holmes Amul's elementary, my dear., Wahi hota hai jo Manzure Ilahi hota hai.

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