Amul-Hits of 1987-88


  • Page 1: Ganapati Bappa More `Ghya'!, Arresting flavour that nobody `Jinda' can arrest, This Czech bounces back.

  • Page 2: `Ravan'ously hungry?, Krishnan makes Masur Ki daal, ..We will...we will not...

  • Page 3: Bordering on excellence, Formula that makes food disappear, Paint the town red

  • Page 4: X'mas stocking, It's application is NTRly lawful, In all clubs this coat is a must

  • Page 5: Let Tiger's Take to Enjoying India's Popular Kitchen Fare, Do right and fear no man. Don't write and fear no Board, Rich taste se hum sabke baap lagte hai,

  • Page 6: Vennai Nayakan, Some things can never be Bandh, Amul's Rajya in every Sabha

  • Page 7: Needn't shift this Kiran when it gets in your eyes, Nahin Duja Koi Middle Mein Sirf Amul Hoi, Break fast with Amul

  • Page 8: Sealed like the national border, Lasting piece between the big two, Amul

  • Page 9: If life's Gatting bad, have a ball with Amul Butter, Allah iske baad kya hoga!, Our popularity Graf goes up, Divide and drool

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