Amul-Hits of 1998-99


  • Page 1: "Favourite Eating Sensation Through '89", "By George!", "It disappears faster than wallents in dressing rooms"

  • Page 2: "It's Hadlee surprising that the best reaches the top", "Every student's birth right", "It's good for you constitution"

  • Page 3: "Apporva bond between", "Can't you stay longer ?", "Like father, like Sonjay"

  • Page 4: "Daal with Butter's Just Perfect for a winning recipe", "Year in...year out", "Governing without a break"

  • Page 5: "This golden covering is preferred", "Bharatiya Janata's Preference", "What's yellow `n' brown & enjoy majority support in Bombay", "Marad ona toh aisa hona"

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