Amul-Hits of 1990-91


  • Page 1: This fuel is the only alternative, High finances's full of Laughter & Tears, The three `muska'tiers

  • Page 2: This pak can be licked easily, What can be done in broad daylight in crowded areas?, Now for a month yeh duniya Goal hai

  • Page 3: The champion breakfasts on bredburger, Morad ona? Phir excuses Matha eus karo, Try Amul's Delicious Applications

  • Page 4: Reaching a new height of excellence, Return to Pak shastra, Kai Ku wait for more trouble

  • Page 5: Specially reserved for members of every Mandal, Bushed Solution is sa dam easy, Aashuthamini

  • Page 6: Kab badi Kab chhoti, Reserved for this Oustanding Butter Classic, Increase the consumption of this fuel

  • Page 7: Making slices is easy, but lets try bonding together, For long lasting friendship, Makhanotsav

  • Page 8: My Mumbai, love it or leave it, No Major change in this lady's rule, This Creamy Makkhan continues to govern in all states

  • Page 9: Happy `Ninety Fun', Avoid Immensely Regrettable Armed Quarrel and Useless Strife, This Spread Causes Utter Delight

  • Page 10: utterly butterly de de, Continues this refuelling, Now you see it... - now you don't

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