Amul-Hits of 1991-92


  • Page 1: Roti, Kapada aur Makhan..., It's the peoples' choice even in Punjab and Assam..., With everyone promising bread, use your butter carefully

  • Page 2: Stable ruler, even if it's hung..., I have the pawar..!, Sambhavami Yuge Yuge..

  • Page 3: Stich to the winner..., It's not freight fully expensive..., Stop cursing all things that are not Man Mohan..

  • Page 4: Bhutta is betta with butter..., 3 minutes can get you a mouthful..!, Share? Thanks Cauvery much!

  • Page 5: Celebrate with the Yellow Square in the Red Square..., No college, junior? Strike while the butter is hot..!, Sukhakarta, Dukhaharta!!

  • Page 6: Out of this world on any dish..., No reservation for this quota..., Little Bhatt'er goes well with Aamir Khana

  • Page 7: One-days are off Every days are on..., 4 important letters for you A-M-U-L..., Amul is short but not for long

  • Page 8: C'mon boys, show them who's the butter team!.., The Ekta Butter, To Russia with loaf

  • Page 9: The Public Salutes the Republic..., Taste that bowls them over..!, Welcome to the land of milk and butter

  • Page 10: This time, no butter fingers please..!, Hard luck boys. Come home to something soft.

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