Amul-Hits of 1992-1993


  • Page 1: "Welcome to Bombay Stairport", "Satyajit Ray 1921-Forever", Ladies Special too!"

  • Page 2: "Hamesha Housefull...Aap Khud hai", "Chewing over our next President?", Speak less. Eat More"

  • Page 3: "Mo'knicker seles", "Will abolishing octroi...ka maska lagao", "Jai Shankar!"

  • Page 4: "Olimpics '92", "Amul Ashtami...Makhan Ala Re", "For the Bold and the Beautiful"

  • Page 5: "Hostesses change to salwar But airlines are loyal to Amul", "Filmstars don't ban all yellow spreads", "Ajit for us!"

  • Page 6: "In every Bite House", "A Third Yumpire", "Mad on amul"

  • Page 7: "Caste no bar", "Do buttered pilots need more bread ?", "Ishwar, Allah, Tero Naam"

  • Page 8: "Piece on Earth", "Here's to Bill and his butter half", "Chalo India, have an English breakfast!"

  • Page 9: "Don't spread rumours, Do Spread goodness", "India creams England", "Full marks in every examination", "North South Eastwood West"

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