Amul-Hits of 1993-94


  • Page 1: Oye Yum TV, A taste for the mother tongue, Open ma sky policy?

  • Page 2: Amar, Akbar, Anthony & Amul -- bid you farewell, Manji, Price more priceless, Kapil Devours the world

  • Page 3: Some butter my darrling?, Real pleasure comes in an instant, Shabana Zaroor Khana

  • Page 4: 1994 A.B., Butter & slice & everything nice in 1994, Make your New Year tcast complete

  • Page 5: Amullian wishes for the New Year, Wah, kya cream hai, Avjo, JRD

  • Page 6: "I'll eat you alive!", Konkan's favourite makkhan, Eat the real thing

  • Page 7: Geet, your `jeet' a great feat, Remembering the Father of the Nation, Just eat it

  • Page 8: Use any of these 5 channels, My Obseshan, Utterly Butterlie detector

  • Page 9: Lanka chale Kapil ji, Zen & the art of eating butter, Roti ke neeche kya hai?

  • Page 10: Unwrap this wrapper, Apack che Indian, Damania spreads East West

  • Page 11: This structure is raised and razed, Immensely Tasty Cut!, (Bengali), Makkhan ki rani, maska ka raja

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