Amul-Hits of 1994-95


  • Page 1: Be Indian Bye Indian, "Lara, kya mara!", One man. One vote. One butter.

  • Page 2: Lift this instead, Sen per cent world class, What's the Rao about?

  • Page 3: Channelise your taste, AMUL - a Love Story, Amul pays homage to Tribhovandasbhai Patel our founding father 1903 - 1994.

  • Page 4: Spread a little sunshine, Head for the U.S.A, Lori's story - The falling graf.

  • Page 5: Available on board and bread, Don't cry for me Argentina, "Tu hai meri Kiran!".

  • Page 6: Unbeatable eatable!, Utterless, butterless....but not for long, Tu cheez badi hai maska mast!

  • Page 7: Rihen reigns, No Doubtfire about this taste, Congrats! The gold was worth weighting for.

  • Page 8: Everyone's National Identity, Saif, for all Anaris and Khiladis, A tribute to the leader who inspired Amul.

  • Page 9: Caught in the act, Cuts like a knife through butter, A real mother of a butter.

  • Page 10: We've licked the world and the universe, Aapra Dikra nu favourite, Polish for Maska.

  • Page 11: Sher if You Can, Tastee even without A.C., Bahar ka maal in your bar?

  • Page 12: Andre Aghastly!, Andre Shabasshi, Vote for me!

  • Page 13: For the 100-year young, Morarjibhai, Border dispute!, Neeche cricket ke kaptan -- Upar Sachin ka makaan?

  • Page 14: `Slurp' znegger, A `bout' time, Mike, Less Harm fuel.

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