Amul-Hits of 1995-96


  • Page 1: Smog on the Water, Goodbye Morarjibhai, Teeth Yatra

  • Page 2: Glad Rags to Riches, Only Kiran of Hope, The Bedi vanishes

  • Page 3: They didn't see (I) to (I), Maya Memsaab, Victory or Defeat

  • Page 4: Power Games, Khoon Ka Katra, Hiss & Hers

  • Page 5: Dutt's Enough!, Surabhi, Relative Failure

  • Page 6: Tel. them what you want, Rangeela, Chandra slimy

  • Page 7: Homage Sweet Homage, Fail Gaadi, Khalnayak

  • Page 8: Bill hai ke maanta nahin, Artist vs Artiste, Naam Gumm Jayega

  • Page 9: Dianamighty!!, Once Bitten twice hai!!, 50 Years

  • Page 10: Dairy Godmother, Tele con, Golden High

  • Page 11: Gun Tantra, Throws of passion, Name Game

  • Page 12: Jaya Hind, Trimurty, Sabse Chhotta Rupaiya

  • Page 13: Shame Warne, Ten Du-Ten Don't, Waste Bengal

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