Amul-Hits of 1996-97


  • Page 1: The Good The Bad The Ugly, Union jacked by mad cows, Polls apart!

  • Page 2: If you aren't Pulled up, You're Pulled Down, Bowled & The beautiful, Lights! Camera! El-Action!

  • Page 3: Atal Behari Raj Paye!, Consensus? or Nonsensus?, Lambe race ka Gowda

  • Page 4: Mera Bharat Kahaan?, Petrol Pumped!, World Chomp-ions?

  • Page 5: Buttering all Fronts?, Carl Aaj aur kal, Al Bronze No Brains!

  • Page 6: Uttara Khandahar?, Dukh Ram?, Aby to main jawaan hoon!

  • Page 7: Shunned eep Patil!, Bhrasht aachar?, Maq Bull Fighter!

  • Page 8: Michael Jacks-Us!, Anand Hi Anand, One-day mataram

  • Page 9: Mahila Bandal, Ban Galore? O, Chappa chappa Charkha Chale Chappati Chappti Makhan Mile

  • Page 10: Jail-alitha!, Ajay, Ja re ja!, King Cong?

  • Page 11: Suffery tour?, O, Maska-lena!, RANI HINDUSTANI!

  • Page 12: Mrs. India!, Dravid v/s Goliath! Quattro-Gochi?

  • Page 13: Naram Dharam!, India Gates!, Film Unfair Awards?

  • Page 14: Lata Mangesh-encore!, Wah Taj Boliye!

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