Amul-Hits of 1997-98


  • Page 1: Cong-less Government!, Collapso Series?, When you Gowda, go you Gowda go!

  • Page 2: O.K. Gujral, MRIT YOU?, Fodder of the Nation!

  • Page 3: Enjoy suriya, Congress (I) and (I) and (I) and (I), Seedy R B?

  • Page 4: Mah-ace Bhupathi, Manoj Probe-kar!, HONG GONE!

  • Page 5: Ear today, gone tomorrow!, India Today?, Patna se nahin hatna?

  • Page 6: Patni for Patna, 50 Years of Dependence!, Vande Matramul

  • Page 7: Film Shooting?, Tu Cheez Badi Thi Mast Mast, Re-Pete Sampras?

  • Page 8: Bye Bye di, Mother India 1910-1997, Tata Kerkar!

  • Page 9: Inzamam-ul-Hulk!, Be-Sabara Pakistan!, Amul Tumake Bhalo Bashe

  • Page 10: Shubho Bijoya!, Dandiya Roj, May the Force be with you!

  • Page 11: Shut-ellite Connection!, Assarmed & dangerous, Hurroy for Arundati

  • Page 12: Festival of Bites, Crook Shetra? Where appan?

  • Page 13: MIB, Aya Ram...Gaya Ram Hai Ram, Diana-mite!

  • Page 14: Delhi to Pagal hai..., Mana-kar Telephone Nigam Ltd., Merry X-Mas ka!

  • Page 15: One day in, One day out!, Happy Nineteen Ninety Eat, Sonia yet so far

  • Page 16: Voluntary Delicious Intake Scheme, Prices Crises!, Not his First Lady?

  • Page 17: Delhi Vision, Multiparty system or Multi-lathi system, Bhajap ayee?

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