Amul-Hits of 1999-2000


  • Page 1: Monica Lewd-insky!, Bihaar Ki Jeet, Bus stop!

  • Page 2: The buck stops here!, Nobel man!, Bade me Amul Chote me Amul

  • Page 3: The `Loin' King, Im' pyaz'able situation!, Star Struck!!

  • Page 4: "Balle" dancer!, To the health of Dr. V. Kurien: India's `milkman', Shame Warne

  • Page 5: Superb dis pillay!, "Bombay Boys", "Eurocracy!"

  • Page 6: Shekhar ka power, Every crowd has a silver lining!, The real sportsmen!

  • Page 7: Fingering the batsman!, Pakistunned!, Shanti ab hamare bus mein!

  • Page 8: "Y2K Yes to khana", "India's Backbone", "Shakespearan Loaf"

  • Page 9: "India's Backbone", "We salute the general", `AIA DHAMKI'

  • Page 10: 'Fly over-population!', Agni and the ecstasy, `But out of our Gardens'

  • Page 11: "Poona aalo", "Give me red!", "Khanned Colas!"

  • Page 12: "Mayday Gone!", "Cronje unplugged!", "Ten Du Ten Don't"

  • Page 13: "In Sixth Heaven!", "On a French roll", "Pak up and leave!".

  • Page 14: "World kab?", Steve Wah!, Great steff for Big Macs!

  • Page 15: "Wimbledone it!", "Nar mada River Project", "Butter no. 1"

  • Page 16: "Bad pool Good pool", "Censor's Cut", Caps and Robbers!

  • Page 17: Her Raj or Swaraj ?, "AIWASH!", "Makhan chor maange makhan more!"

  • Page 18: CST, sub ways jaatha hai!, Kin Cong!, Kapital idea!

  • Page 19: "Get off my back!", The Big Bhool!, "Kiss want Singh?"

  • Page 20: "Big hitch in this hike!", "Naaraaz Sharif!, "Punjab da putter!"

  • Page 21: "Fun Time Menace", "May your Diwali dishes be fulfilled", Cab pollution kum hoge?

  • Page 22: Madhuri's Fixed it!, Aus tile reception!, "Lele ke dene na pad jaye!"

  • Page 23: Elton gone?, Third World Title!, Haira Pheri !

  • Page 24: "MILLENNIYUM Happy 2000", "Shoaib Chuck ter?", "Utterly betterly dairy"

  • Page 25: "Star Spoil sports!", "phir bhi MEAL HAI HINDUSTANI", In deepa and deepa waters!

  • Page 26: "Mumbai khadde mein gaya?", "Sach kya hai?", "Eat Yellow"

  • Page 27: "Super Hit ik Roshan!", "We're sure of Ganguly!", "Bill Clean town"

  • Page 28: "Jhopad Patri!", "No opposition to this Bill!"

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