Amul-Hits of 2001-2002


  • Page 1: "Ketan par ekh nazar rakh!", "Raveena Undone?", "Bombay's lost its Bee"

  • Page 2: "One flew over the nightingale's nest?", "Bungle Desh!", Dil Mango more!

  • Page 3: "Can't have their coke & eat it too!", "Standulkar!", "For all Ammas and Didis"

  • Page 4: "Star maar kalakaar!", Greater Bombay? Or crater Bombay?, Ban darr!

  • Page 5: "EK DISH KHA!", "Gaga over Guga!", "Heshtory repeats itself!"

  • Page 6: "For the bahu and the saas!", "AMUL LAGAANA", "Hai koi itna lajawaab?"

  • Page 7: "Unfit Trust of India?", "Iwannasandwish!", "Some eat for friendship!"

  • Page 8: "Unfeet?", "Navjoke Sidhu!", "Mera Naam Choker!"

  • Page 9: "Dish Chahta Hai", "Saurav Gone guly?", "Bus stopped!"

  • Page 10: Girl-ti pakdi gayi?, Making hay while Sunny shines!, "Kya Behna!"

  • Page 11: "Courting trouble?", "Terrorism ab kabul nahin hoga!", "Mushar roughed up!"

  • Page 12: "Hijokers!", "Af gone istan?", "Zubin, phir harmonic laana!"

  • Page 13: "Rass Gadbad!", "aise kha", "Anthraksha!"

  • Page 14: "Ache Divasiya Team!", "Cola nahin khola!", "God save the team!"

  • Page 15: "Divala bonus!", "Talibanished!", "Madnness!"

  • Page 16: "Stunnedulkar!", "Shoppers stopped!", "There goes th sun"

  • Page 17: "POTO finished?", "Zimmedar Kaun troversy!", "Hum log ke favourite Dada"

  • Page 18: "Bas kare taiba!", "Silenced night, holy night!", "A date with temptation!"
  • Page 19: "Namaste, aap kha sakte hai!", "Super Selection!", "SAARCastic reply!"

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